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    Disable OAS via Command line

      Is this possible?

      Ive got a request to disable OAS via script during parts of the day when a scheduled job is being done.
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          You could probably do it by stopping the "McAfee McShield" service from the command prompt and then restarting it when you're done with your other process...

          net stop "McAfee McShield"
          net start "McAfee McShield"

          Remember that on v8.5, McAfee protects itself against the stopping of it's services by default. In the VirusScan Console, if you open the properties of "Access Protection", there is a check box for "Prevent McAfee services from being stopped."

          Understand that you'd be unprotected for the amount of time that the OAS is disabled. Also, the commands need to be executed as a local administrator.