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    Failed to initialize AVEngine

      I have installed uvscan several times and everytime I run the software, I get this error message "failed to initialize AVEngine".  I check everything from lastest DEF files to making sure the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set.  Any suggestions from anyone.  I would appreciate the help.

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          All the posts I've seen about uvscan have been in Business-->EndPoint Security-->VirusScan-->Other so I've moved this out of Consumer Home & Home Office to be with the others.

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            It'll help to know which Unix OS is involved.


            If it's AIX, then see McAfee support article KB67565, otherwise start by checking available memory - Engine initialisation requires at least 2x  total dat size.



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              Thanks so much for responiding.  I should have made this message more detailed.  I am running Solaris 8, can u believe that! on a Sun Blade 2000.  It has been patched to the maximum level it could be.  I have updated the avvclean.dat and avvnames.dat (Sep 29).  For some reason, the config.dat is  not up to date (May 2010).  Any further help would be appreciated.  I am still trying to see if there is an updated version on the config.dat file.

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                I can believe that


                Certainly for Solaris 8 you *must* be fully patched, that's a requirement not merely a recommendation because of the age of the OS.

                Otherwise look at the available memory as suggested and also check the ulimits (‘rlim_fd_max’ and ‘rlim_fd_cur’ ? Not sure if that's right for Solaris 8)

                If it’s too low, then there may not be enough memory available per process to successfully start the scanner. Some older OS do set the bar quite low there.