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    Password protect VSE 8.5 Installation

      Hi there

      I have users that uninstall Virusscan 8.5 through the Add / Remove programs in the Windows control panel.
      Is there any way of securing the installation in such a way that a password is required to remove ?

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          Admin rights are required to uninstall any program.. Change those users to "limited" users and they won't be able to uninstall anything. On the other hand, if the user truly deserves admin privileges, then they should be able to uninstall any program they choose.

          As to password protection items, uninstall is not one of them. (See those criteria from the VS Console\Toos\User Interface Options\Password Options tab.) It gets a little dicey if the admin user forgets the password and is unable to remove a program..

          Hope this helps.

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            Making that kind of change in a corporate environment when it has previously been setup otherwise (for whatever reason), is a huge undertaking and not a viable solution.

            Along the same lines as admin password to uninstall, it drives me nuts that if you have it set to protect services etc, that even if you add the UI password, you still can't disable OAS, or whatever else locally.

            Edit: Just saw this in another thread.. I take back the above. It's one more step to teach the users though, but I think this will work for anything I need.

            Remember that on v8.5, McAfee protects itself against the stopping of it's services by default. In the VirusScan Console, if you open the properties of "Access Protection", there is a check box for "Prevent McAfee services from being stopped."