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    Installation Assistance

      We just purchased the Endpoint Whole Disk Encryption (Safeboot) with 11 licenses. The manuals are not very intuitive, at least for me. I'm reading what seems like different procedures for getting the product installed. Some say to run EEM on a server, then do some database stuff, then run the EEPC on that server, which doesn't make much sense. Shouldn't the EEPC be run on the client machines. Plus the product I received says its eval but I have a license key. It's a mess. Any help with getting this installed would be appreciated.



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          You bought one product out of a suite of three.


          you need to install EEM onto your management server - this is the core manager for all three products.


          Then you need to install the EEPC management component (the other download) on top of EEM to add support.


          You'll create the package you install on your endpoints from within EEM once you get it all set up.


          Your full licence key would have been sent to you separately (an .slc file) - you need to add that into EEM once you get it running.