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    policy.importPolicy issue


      While attempting to import a policy file using the following line:


      result = oMcAfee.policy.importPolicy(MA_File, "true")

      where MA_File='//server/PolicyXML$/MA_Policy.xml' or MA_File='\\server\PolicyXML$\MA_Policy.xml' or MA_File='\\\\server\\PolicyXML$\\MA_Policy.xml'


      the command always fails with the error below.


      file not found '\\usy90ap434\PolicyXML$\MA_Policy.xml'. It should be a fully qualified name.

      Unhandled exception in thread started by <bound method dbgpSocket._getIncomingDataPacket of <dbgp.client.dbgpSocket instance at 0x00000000025A43C8


      Can someone provide some insight into this problem?


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