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    update UNC path


      Hi All, i have LAN without internet. I want to download xdat.exe and update on a pc, then config another pc update from pc that updated. Can i do this? (have not ePO). Thanks!

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          My problems is solved.


          1. Download all the files & subfolder from this locationftp://ftp.mcafee.com/commonupdater/
          2. After download completed create one share folder like mcafeerepository and move allthe downloaded file to this folder.
          3. OpenMcAfee virus console in your client machine. (right click the McAfee and select the "virus scanconsole".
          4. Go to tools and select the "Editautoupdate repository list".
          5. Click the add button to add a new repository.
          6. Enter your repository name (any name) in desctiption field./
          7. Select UNC path option.
          8. Enter your own repository path in path field. (eg. \\\mcafeerepository\)
          9. If your repository is protected by password then enter domain name or workgroupname & user name & password.
          10. Click the ok button.
          11. Delete other default repository.
          12. Now select the Update Now option McAfee will update automatically updatefrom your local repository.
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            Hemant Koli

            Hello Smalldog.


            Please refer KB54474 and follow the steps mentioned under Troubleshooting issues with a UNC repository

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              Yes i read before but steps that posted above maybe clear to config. Thanks Hemant Koli!

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                Hemant Koli



                Can you please let me know i to Update VSE from VSE(I mean to say we do not have epo & we have 10 systems in our network & there is only one system with internet connection so please help me to update all the systems in my network)

                What will be the best way to update all systems ?????????.........

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                  Use your 1 system to create a mirrored repository, and set up a daily mirrored task to pull the new dat files.  Point your other non-internet connected machines at the mirrored repository.