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    artemis!8EA57E8B69F2 Help?

      Im really new here so I hope I can get some help somehow.  I've been reading through these posts here and decided to make one.

      My computer has been having problems lately and so i've been scanning it. It's found artemis!8EA57E8B69F2(trojan) and Quarantined it.  Every time i scan it keeps showing this Artemis! thing.
      Also my computer just got  the "OpenCloud Secturity". I think they say its a malware? I've been trying to get rid of it, but McAfee can't detect and get rid of it. I just did yet ANOTHER scan and its quarantined something else!  "Generic Downloader.x!gcq". Are these still dangerous if they are quarantined? They keep popping up every scan, How do I get rid of them?  And is there any way to get rid of "openCloud Security" With McAfee or do you have a safe option that can? I Downloaded Malwarebytes and scanned with that, it got it off for a time i think. then when i took it off my computer, it appeared again. McAfee's firewall is down and can't be put up.
      I would really appreciate any help and im sorry if I didnt post correctly.