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    Quarantined and Potentially Unwanted Programs

      I have not been able to use this option for a couple of months now.  Every time I click on it to view what most often is a list of cookies that I want to delete, it stops with the following error message.  I have tried it without anything else running and still get the same error.  Clicking on No does not work to get it to complete.  I know the content is large now because I haven't been able to delete anything. 


      How do I get this fixed?


      McAfee Error.JPG

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          'This question gets asked quite a lot. We really ought to put the instructions in a document somewhere for easy reference.


          You see the web browser pop-up when the number of quarantined items gets too large. Deletion is a very slow process, and what the message says is quite correct.


          The workaround is to find the place where they're stored - the actual path varies according to your operating system - and delete them manually


          In XP the path is

          'c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\mcafee\virusscan\quarantine\'

          In Vista and Windows 7 the path is 'c:\program data\mcafee\virusscan\quarantine\'


          Go into Security Center and turn off Access Protection (so the files can be all deleted)  :

          Security Center --> Navigation --> General Settings and Alerts --> Access Protection.


          Make sure you've got Administrator privileges to do the deletion.


          If the folder appears to be empty, go to Tools-->Options-->View and select 'Show Hidden Files and Folders'. If they were hidden they will now be displayed.


          Select all the files in the directory and delete them (in mine there was a .txt file which I left, just in case it's important - the name of it is mcqt.txt)


          Go into Security Center and turn Access Protection back on.


          This is a lot quicker than doing it the Approved Way  :-)




          Edit - Done. There's a document in Security Center now, at https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2973


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            Hello Hayton, thank you for your reply. 


            I would love to delete the files manually but I can't find them.  I am running Windows 7 and cannot find a "program data" folder or any folder named "quarantine"

            Also, I'm really not sure where you are referring to go when you say got to Tools--Options ....haven't found that either.


            I'll keep looking but I'm not hopeful right now.

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              I had to do some messing around and finally got the Program data folder to display.  Once I could see that your solution worked beautifully.  Thank you for the help!

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                Hi there,


                Glad that you are OK now, but Im just curios to know some more informtaion on this  , could you let us the below information ;


                McAfee Security center:


                AFF id:


                McAfee Virus scan :


                DAT :


                Operating system :

                Ram Size  :





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                  Here you go:



                  McAfee Security center:

                  Version:  11

                  AFF id:  0


                  McAfee Virus scan :

                  Version:  15.0

                  DAT :   6487


                  Operating system :  Windows 7

                  Ram Size :          4 gb

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                    I was able to do this a few weeks ago, but I can't access it anymore...


                    What's going on?