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    SQL Query:  List rogue sensors

      joeleisenlipz gave me a query to list all superagents, I've been looking around and was wondering if anyone had a similar query to list all rogue sensors?


      Superagent query:


      Use [ePO4_EPO-01];
      SELECT LastUpdate, NodeName FROM EPOLeafNode WHERE SuperAgentRepo <> '0';



      Thanks in advance.

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          This is actually a queryable value (unlike the superagent value), so you can build a simple query in ePO - something like this:


          New query

          Select "rogue system sensors" as feature group and as result type - click Next:

          Display results as Table- click Next:

          Add any columns you like- click Next:

          Configure any filters- click run, then save as required.


          HTH -



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            Thank you for taking the time to respond.  I was really after an SQL query to do this, i'll keep poking around the tables and see if I can find anything

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              Ah, OK - in your original thread about superagents you were looking for a way to do this from the console, so I assumed that the same applied here

              If you want the raw SQL, then build the query in the query builder, and when you've got it the way you want it, use the "View SQL" option from the Actions menu.


              HTH -



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                Originally I was trying to improve my reporting abilities inside the EPO itself, but after getting the SQL for superagent I'm hooked - I always have SMSS open and our intranet is heavily SQL based.


                I have never actually spotted the View SQL action, but that is going to come in handy so much, I really appreciate it.