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    Cannot Login to ePO and clients not updating

      hello all,

      we are running virus scan 8.0.0 with ePO 3.5 in a relatively small environment of about 130 pcs and i'm having two problems that i hope someone can help with.

      1) when pushed to the client pc, the pc is getting an old version of the dats and engine. some of my pcs are up to date with latest definitions and engine up to aug 5 of this year. other of the pcs show me this...

      Virus Definitions: 4442
      Created On: March 8 2005
      Scan Engine: 4400

      from these workstations with old dat and engine, when i update manually, there is no change and i receive an error message from the server saying that the update list is empty or does not exist even though the repository has current defs and engine.

      now the update does not work at all from some workstations and i am no longer able to login to the ePO console. i have checked the services and login permissions. the services are all started with the appropriate login.

      any suggestions would be much appreciated!

      thanks, dkp