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    Performance Issues, Incompatibility with VS2010/Sharpdevelop



      recently (since today), I'm having heavy issues with the performance of the virus scan. In typical messenger programs (like Miranda or Skype) i receive a high CPU-usage on keyboard input. It goes up to 12% (Which is high, as a Core i7-2600 has "8" virtual cores, which means one is almost at 100%). This issue can only be fixed by turning auto protection off completely.


      Another point i want to mention is the incompatibility with VS2010 or SharpDevelop. Both IDE's are affected negatively by a running auto-protection.

      In VS2010 Ultimate: Various controls cannot be edited (Properties disappear, Known elements don't update at all), which can be solved be disabling.

      In Sharpdevelop: One needs to turn off the "File Change Check" under options or otherwise the IDE's graphical GUI editor will just flicker all the time, trying to reload the file.


      One more thing, I'm a student and therefore a "home" user. Then why isn't there even a option to exclude directories from being real-time scanned? I don't get it.


      Have a nice day. I hope to receive some helpful answer soon or otherwise I'm forced to change the protection suite to a competitors product.


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          Hi Mike,


          Could you please let us know which specific McAfee process uses high CPU in task manger ?? Also, turning off auto protection ?? Are you referring to Real time scanner or Access Protection ?

          Kindly let us know the following details ;

          McAfee Security Center

          Version :

          Aff id :


          McAfee Virus scan

          Version :

          DAT :



          Operating system :





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            Well here are the details requested:


            McAfee SecurityCenter:

            Version: 11.0

            Build: 11.0.608

            AffId: 0-1204

            Language: de

            Last Update: 28.09.2011


            McAfee VirusScan:

            Version: 15.0

            Build: 15.0.291

            Last Update: 29.09.2011

            DAT-Version: 6483

            DAT-Creation Date: 28.09.2011

            Version of Boot-DAT-File: 6474.0000

            Boot-DAT-File created on: 19.09.2011

            Scan-Moduleversion: 5400.1158


            McAfee Personal Firewall:  (anyways disabled)

            Version: 12.0

            Build: 12.0.344

            Last update: 19.09.2011         


            Operating system:

            Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, German, 64bit



            The process which creates the CPU-Load is: "mcshield.exe"


            My realtime scan is configured as following:

            - only applications and documents


            Then next:

            - E-Mail attachments is the only checked thing



            - Cookies

            - Scripts

            - Spyware

            all checked


            Extended Protection:

            nothing enabled


            Drives for Media:

            - Ask before doing extensive scan


            It seems like mcshield.exe is somehow hooked into the keyboard input directly. As when i type, the keyboard response time is really high. Which means i type a sentence and it takes like ages for the text to appear (char for char, not at once).

            I have made a screencapture of this, so you can see it live: http://www.kufi.net/problemvideo.mp4    (best played with VLC).


            Greets Michael

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              another update:

              The keyboard thing only happens, if the window containing the chat, is unfocused and refocused (for example clicking the browser while chating, and then switching back). If i close the conversation and reopen it, the problem does not arise...

              Very strange thing going on.

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                This performance issue would require a technician to look at the logs and verify the cause through a remote session. CVould you please click on  Useful links at the top of this page and click on Technical support so that our technicians can acquire more details on the issue


                Moreover since you would be able to reproduce the issue that would help the technician to take the issue to higher levels if required.