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    KB73045 issue: client side permissions

    Hemant Koli



      Can someone help me in this??......I have installed EEPC on 500+ nodes & outof those 150+ showing Inavtive.

      ERROR   MfeEpeServiceLPCServer               Failed to create initial LPC state: [0xEE000007] Failed to generate lpc passphrase
      MfeEpeServiceLPCServer               Service failed to initialize.





      INFO    MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceV2    Service Started Successfully

      WARNING MfeEpeCredentialProviderServiceV2    ..\..\..\Src\Helper\EpePcCredentialProviderServiceHandler.cpp: EPEPC_credential_provider_service_handler::init: 79: [0xEE120008] no system policy set
      WARNING MfeEpeEsEncryptionInformationService ..\..\..\Src\EpeFsmHostErrorHandler.cpp: EPE_fsm_host_error_handler::handle: 71: Received service unavailable exception: The service MfeEpeEncryptionInformationServiceClient is currently unavailable

      I refered KB73045 & in that article it has suggested below steps.


      Log into the client with an account that will have sufficient permissions.

      1. To verify this is a permissions issue, log onto the client as a domain administrator.
      2. Restart the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Agent service.
      3. Check the MfeEpe.log file and verify there are no new 0xEE000007 entries.
      4. (Optional) Check that the following registry key has been created after installation is successful:

        [HKLM\Software\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Application Plugins\EEADMIN_100]
      5. Check the Endpoint Encryption status screen has started adding users, PreBoot File System (PBFS), and so on.

        After a number of Agent to Server Communication Intervals, the drive will be detected, policies will be enforced and the hard disk encryption started.



      But the steps mentioned are manual steps & how can i manually check 150 systems? it is a TimeConsuming task. So please let me know if their is any Workaround that can be performed centrally???....