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    Manual uninstall problem

      Ok, so DH and I have been trying to update our computer with a current VirusScan and get the message that we must uninstall the previous version. Ok, so Install/Uninstall in Control Panel didn't work. It froze up in the middle and the computer had to be restarted. Now when we try to uninstall through Control Panel we get the message that "another install is in progress" and it will not allow us to uninstall. Searching this forum, we found some info and tried the .exe program with no success. Now we're trying the manual uninstall and have gotten up to the point of removing the desktop structure using Windows but when we try to delete the folders we get the message that "access is denied-disk is full" blah, blah, blah...how can we remove the dang thing? O/S is XP, VirusScan 8.0i
      Thanks! And sorry if this is in the wrong spot or already addressed. It's late and my brain is turning to mush!:(