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    McAfee Issues Not Resolved

      No, these issures are not resolved! They are the same! I have the exact same problems on the program I just installed!

      Obviously, McAfee has not cared to actually fix the problems with their softare. How can this problem have been going on for years?

      McAfee has not only lost my future business, but the business of the small engineering company for which I work. Choosing and purchasing software falls to me, but I can guarantee that I will not be purchasing McAfee Site Advisor or any McAfee products. They are simply not trustworthy when hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake! How can I be sure that McAfee products will not start seizing up the computers while our programmers are trying to download a solid model?

      McAfee has slowed down my computer to the point of paralysis since the day I installed the total protection plan! The damage it does is not limited only to Internet Explorer and Firefox, but to the Windows Explorer as well! In all my time working with computers, I had never even heard that Windows Explorer could stop working. But the first day I installed the total protection plan, I had a message telling me that "Windows Explorer has stopped working" within the hour!


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          Peter M

          Moved to its own thread in General Discussion for better attention.  The particular SiteAdvisor issues you posted to have been solved.


          Assuming these conditions persist and you are talking about home products as against Enterprise,, what operating system and service pack are you using and what version of Internet Explorer is installed regardless of whether or not it's your default browser?


          What McAfee software do you have installed and what version?  How much free memory (RAM) and free hard drive space do you have?


          Have you tried free Technical Support - online chat or by phone?


          Did you try running the McAfee Virtual Technician to see if it will fix anything?





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