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    McAfee Logon Collector with MFE download

      HI All,


      I am not sure where can i download this product , Mcafee Logon Collector.


      Sorry i am a newbie here. I only have seiral number of MFE with me.


      Thankx in Advance


      Best Regards,


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          What you need is your grant number - something McAfee issue for new purchases and each year when you renew support on your system.


          This grant number is tied to your product and when you go to the McAfee download site, the first thing you will be required to do is to enter your grant number.


          Once you have entered your grant number the download site will then give you access to everything you are entitled to. This includes the Logon Collector, Firewall Reporter, Firewall Profiler and so on...


          If you do have valid support/maintenance with McAfee, but cannot find your grant letter (containing your grant number) then I'd recommend contacting McAfee customer services. They should be able to tie your MFE's serial number to you and e-mail you a new copy of your grant letter.



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            Thanks for advice. will do