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    Agent Handler Fail Over

      Say I have 3 sites all connected to eachother. I have an agent handler at 2 sites and an epo at 1.


      site1 ah

      site2 epo

      site3 ah


      The link between site1 and site2 go down. The agent handler at site1 is still up it just can't connect to site2 where epo is.


      site2 --X-- site1

      site2 ------ site3

      site1 ------ site3


      The policy for agents at site 1 is:

      1. use site 1 ah

      2. use site 3 ah

      3. use epo


      here's my question. If the agent handler at a site is still up but the link to epo is down will the agent handler tell the agents it is unavailable? Thus forcing the agents in my scenerio to use the site 3 agent handler.





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          The most important thing here is not where ePO is, but rather where the SQL server is. (I'm assuming that it's at site 2.)

          What will happen is that when an AH loses its link to the database, a client that tries to talk to that AH will be unable to, and so should then fail over to the next AH in its list.


          HTH -