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    VSE 8.7 P4 Multiple mferuntimexxxx.dat files

      I wonder if anyone has an answer to my problem.


      The environment: ePO4.5.4 Hotfix 1, McAfee Agent, Win2008R2 x64bit (VM), VSE8.7 P4.


      I find on this VM server a long list of mferuntime{datetimestamp}.dat files in C:\program files (x86)\common files\McAfee\engine. I read that mferuntimexxxx.dat suppose to existing to boost scanning performance and it is a local cache of latest DAT file. However, it is taking up disk space as it grows.


      I'm tried to delete them but no matter which mferuntimexxxx.dat I select it will not delete as it is being used by McAfee McShield. So, nothing short of disabling the McShield and then delete the files.


      Therefore, I wonder if anyone knows why this happens and a cleaner way to delete the files?


      I will upgrade VSE to 8.8 to see if anything happens differently.