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    Manual Update stalls


      I have set the Automatic Updates to "Notify me when updates are available".  I get the notification pop up as expected and click on the button to update now.  The pop window closes but the McAfee icon on the task bar does not change to reflect the update is in progress.  I right click on it and I see on the menu "View Update Progress".  I ignore it and wait, and wait, and wait.  Nothing happens.  So, after a long while I click on the "View Update Progress" and the McAfee window opens with the status showing it's still checking for updates.  Then almost immediately it goes to the next step and downloads the update, then soon after that installs it.  It appears there's a bug or I've misunderstood the how the manual update feature works.  Which is it?


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          I see this too. Maybe the Security Center information isn't being updated promptly enough, or perhaps there's a delay while the download operation is set in motion. Those DAT downloads are pretty large, if you can find one in your file system you'll see they're about 65Mb. If there's a bottleneck at the server end that would account for the delay.

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            Next time I will wait an hour to make sure.  That will prove it one way or the other.  Typically even a big update of products as well as the data base takes only a few minutes or so.

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              I didn't realise you had to wait that long. The delay I see is only a few minutes, at worst.

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                I only waited about 5 minutes last time.  Perhaps if I waited a little more it would have been OK.  Anyway, let's see what happens next time.

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                  Well, this time I waited half and hour.  Same thing happened.  During that half hour the icon in the task bar was the normal shape.  Once I clicked on "View Update Progress" the icon immediately changed to reflect an update was in progress.  The update then quickly completed it's task in a few seconds.  Clearly this is not the sort of action I would expect.  I would expect the update to proceed to completion once I hit the "Update Now" button on the popup window appearing from the task bar, without the need to have the McAfee SecurityCenter window opened.