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    Excluded Processes List Additions (Access Protection)

      Any additions that I make to the Excluded Processes List under Access Protection are automatically removed after a short time.

      Backround: All Desktops were removed from a domain with an EPO Server and joined to a new domain w/ no EPO Server. (Company seperated from Parent) The version of VirusScan Enterprise is 8.0i Patch Version: 13

      Having separated from our parent company, we have purchased new Applications. One of which automatically generates emails to our vendors. This application is not listed in the Excluded Processes List for Port 25 mass mailing blocks. When I add the application to the list it works for about an hour or so, then it is removed from the list.

      New machines I have built with our new loadset are not affected by this. I assume this removal of additions to the excluded processes is some registry setting that prohibits changes/editions to the list. I have tried adding the program to the white list in the registry, but even that gets changed back to an original state.

      Question: Can anyone tell me how to remove the setting that prohibits modifications to the Excluded Processes List?
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          We are experiencing a similar issue with a couple of our servers - they are automatically removing entries made to the Exclusions List. Have you gotten any feedback or resolution to your issue?

          Thanks in advance,
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            Unfortunately no, we are still affected by this. I had to create documentation for my users to be able to add to the list whenever they need to use the application that generates the emails. As this affects your servers...probably not a good fix!! :)

            My only recourse now (users are getting frustrated) is to schedule them for reload with a fresh loadset.

            If you hear anything I would appreciate a post.

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              VSE is reapplying the last policy assigned to it via EPO, even though EPO no longer exists.
              You would have to clear off the old epo agent and VSE and reinstall a clean VSE install