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    full scan schedule?

      I am looking for suggestions of how often others are doing full scans.  We are a global company with thousands of machines and 48% of them are laptops.  We are in the process of putting in place a formal scan schedule.


      One side of the house wants scans every Thursday during lunch time for 1hr.  The other side wants full scans once a month.  I know everyone's schedule is different depending on your company's needs, but wondering what others are doing.




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          A couple of years ago I was recommending to my customer base that they do either weekly or monthly. However, with the virulence of threats increasing I am firmly giving strong recommendations for the weekly scans for the full disk (+ running processes + memory for rootkits).


          Additionally for several years I have been strongly urging daily memory scans (running processes + memory for root kits). Should you find yourself in an outbreak situation like Conficker you will definitely want to know which machines to target with a full scan. This certainly helps. And during an outbreak I set this to hourly. The impact is non-existent without using benchmarking tools and the duration is quick (30-90 seconds).