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    Mcafee/Windows action center protection Delay


      Still having issues with windows action center when logging in.I have tried just about everything that I have read on these forums.Including  unregistering WMIUTILS.Dll file and re-registering.So today I tried the old uninstall reinstall.No luck.I had this issue last year when Mcafee 2010 was released but don`t remember what the fix was.Or if it was a patch.I do know that it was fine until the new Mcafee 2011 release.When I log in Windows action center says I have no protection.As seen in the Image below in task manager.There is almost a 5 minute delay before action center says everything is working as it should.Has anyone else noticed this on there computer when logging on?As a side note.I also had to reinstall site advisor for firefox.Not sure why Mcafee is still loading with SA 3.3.        Thanks









      start up delay.JPGAbout 5 minutes later all clears up.

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