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    VSE 8.5i updates

      This one has just been "dropped" into my lap.

      Uptill recently the solution our IT dept has been using has been working just fine.

      architect with local unc repository, VSE8.5i patch 4

      It had been noticed that all 3 w2k3 servers stopped updating on the 23/05/2008, one client stopped on 27/06/08 and another on 18/07/08

      Using autoupdate the window pops up ... goes throught the motions but never spots the latest dats and updates.

      If you disable the local unc source and use the nai http site then the clients will update fine.

      I have gone as far as setting up a clean repository on a server, removed VSE8.5i from one of the affected machines, cleaned the registry, re-installed added the local unc info on the new server and still it does not update.

      Been at this 2 days now and dont seem to be getting anywhere fast