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    Persistent Artemis!E9D3283114FA trojan and GooglePolicyNotifier.dll Wreaking Havoc

      Hey and thanks for taking a moment to look at my question. This virus wont go away after multiple scans, wont let me change the files it lives in, and wont give up on its plan to ruin my life. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.


      Google search links started redirecting to splash pages, so I ran Stinger. It showed a bunch of viruses found and deleted, so I probably didn't look through the log as closely as I should have. The redirections came back, and then firefox started crashing every time I clicked a google search link and IE won't connect to the internet at all.


      The log indicates that a file called googlepolicynotifier.dll holds the virus and exists in C:\ProgramData and C:\AllUsers. Vista won't let me do anything to modify it, even though my account is listed as owner with full permissions in the properties->security->advanced.


      Please help!