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    patchlink & virusscan 8.5

      (apologies if it's the wrong forum, not sure if this is an EPO/Virusscan/anti-spyware question)

      Just wondering if any one has had experience in deploying patchlink updates to systems that have VSCAN 8.5 with anti-spyware 8.5 installed.

      When I try to push updates out to systems with VSCAN 8.5i the access protection log generates hundreds of lines of entries, basically saying;

      " would be blocked by access protection rule (rule not currently enforced) NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM c:\windows\system32\wscript32.exe c:\windows\temp\wait.vbs anti-spyware maximum protection: prevent execution of scripts from the temp folder action blocked: read"

      my fear is rolling out patchlink updates to all of our VSCAN users and suddenly generating thousands upon thousands of alerts.