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    McAfee Virus Scan Console is not accessible

      I have a Dell D610 Laptop
      OS: Win XP Pro
      McAfee 8.0
      EPO 3.6
      Patch 15
      Corp Lic.

      After installing McAfee 8.0 I can not access the virus scan console. It says error: You can not contact the local computer or you do no have the correct privilages. I have the correct admin privilages, I am an admin gloablly. But I logout login as a local admin and unistall McAfee and reinstall McAfee, EPO, and, Patches.

      When I try to access Virus Scan Console I get the same error. I can access virus scan console from the start menu under McAffee but there isn't a On Access Scan in the interface console.

      Also when trying to access On Access Scan from the sys tray the options are all greyed out.

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          I was on my desktop PC at work and I unistalled McAfee, Unistalled EPO agent and reinstalled it all again. I was able to access the Virus Scan Console from the sys tray and also able to access the On Access Scan from the sys tray and the Virus Scan Console. I'm not for sure why it would be greyed out when I downloaded it from the same path with the same template.

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            The Mcafee Agent package you deployed was it assigned a different username and password to install?
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              Nope it is being installed under the users profile, that I was logged into. The thing is, is that it acts like I don't have admin rights on the PC. I have global admin rights to the server and all workstations. I even added the profile I was trying to add McAfee to as an admin on the local pc.