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    VSE 8.8 On Access Scanner gets disabled frequently.

      Previously marked as Answered but I think not. No EPO involved in these instances. All are stand alone installations.


      Random machines at random times, on both Windows XP(all service packs) and Windows 7(and sp1) platforms on hardware from various manufacturers. The on access scanner gets disabled and the Enable control is greyed out. Usually following a failed auto-update attempt. Registry DB entries indicate correct dat version installed and yet the Help, About screen indicates that no dat files are installed.

      are unable to open their mail client (Lotus Notes (version non specific)) due to the scanner being disabled. There is no specific error message to indicate that Notes cannot operate, It just fails to open and usually results in the users starting many instances of Notes until the system crashes due to lack of resources. At which time the phones ring.


      Approx. 50% of the time, running a current SuperDat update will correct the problem, other times it makes it impossible to remove via Add Remove Programs in the Control Panel, or to re-install the product. At this point the only "fix" is to reload the machine.


      This problem has existed now for three versions including 8.8 that I am aware of.


      Tech support has been of little use.


      If anyone has had success in determining what exactly the root cause and resolution is, I surely would like to know what it is.