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    Network PCs going to Internet for updates

      There was a prior discussion in 2009 regarding this issue, but the resolution didn't provide many specifics on the "fix".


      Approximately 10% of the clients in our network are reaching out to update.nai.com for "something" and a few cases using from 1Gb to 100Gb of bandwidth over a 30 day period.   There are multiple internal ePO servers defined (a minimum of 3...and in some groups...as many as 15) for clients to connect before moving what we have defined as the failover to update.nai.com.  The earlier discussion pointed to a potential issue with the sitelist.xml file on the client.  It mentioned importing a new sitelist.xml or reinstalling the agent package generated on our current server.  Can anyone provide additional details other potential causes for the such bandwidth and solutions to resolve the issue?   If the concensus is sitelist.xml issues, does anyone have any hints or tips related to the best approach to pushing it out to clients (i.e. reinstalling the agent package via the ePO server)?  Thanks -Phil

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          There are quite a few causes for this sort of behavior. Would you be able to upload the mcscript.log file of at least one such client you have identified having this issue? Can we safely assume that the same 10% are showing this behavior or does it rotate among the entire population? Are you sure that all your repositories and EPO servers are legit to all the clients (certificates, crc, ...)?