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        Anyone using 8.7i is it any better?
        • 21. RE: How much memory is mcshield.exe using?
          VSE 8.7 production seems to be using

          mcshield 37 MB (improvement for me this was usually 47 MB at rest with VSE 8.5 patch 6.1)

          but then you have to add on the additional new components (designed to improve overall efficiency)

          engineserver.exe 57MB
          mfevtps.exe 18MB
          mfeann.exe 5MB
          Also add another 10MB for bits and pices like mctray/sshtat/vstskmgr etc
          • 22. RE: How much memory is mcshield.exe using?

            On our machines engineserver uses 1,6MB normally, >50MB only at startup (or update).
            • 23. the same high memory usage !
              Hello ,

              we have the same problems here - but other AV-Vendors does not have such problems - e.g. AVIRA or Trend Micro - here the client uses ~ 20 MB

              We have big problems with the high memory usage !
              If you collect all mcafee processes you get a max used memory of ~ 200-500 MB.
              A system with only 512 MB RAM has big problems to work properly !!!

              Mcshield.exe 83MB(normal) / 118 MB (max)
              Scan32.exe 115 MB (max)
              Mcscript_inUse.exe 118 MB (max)
              Naprdmgr.exe 2 MB (normal)
              UdaterUI.exe 2 MB
              shstat.exe 700 KB
              Frameworkservice.exe 10 MB
              VsTaskmgr.exe 400 kB
              McTray.exe 3 MB

              we use the epoagent / VSE80 Patch 16 + 5300 Engine / XP

              how we can reduce the memory usage ? with VSE 90 ?

              there are also problems with the VSE87 here the processes use

              scan32.exe uses 80-128 MB
              mcshield.exe 30-126 MB
              engineserver.exe 3-125 MB

              important are the maximum memory usage in a worse case !
              If there is a production system with a critical process - we have problems !!!

              thank you for your feedback
              • 24. RE: the same high memory usage !
                when i run an on demand scan, memory usage is very high
                scan32.exe 75 MB
                engineserver 75 MB
                frameworkservice 11 MB
                mcshield 33 MB
                mctray 2 MB
                mfeann 4 MB
                mfevtps 14 MB
                naprdmgr 2 MB
                udaterui 3 MB
                shstat 0,7 MB
                vstaskmgr 0,6 MB

                more than 220 MB just for VSE :eek:
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                  Some of our systems have only 256Mb RAM so our policies only scan on write for these. We still pick up virsus (not as affectively as on read but.....) we've also used the microsoft recommended exclusions. These system are now down to 7,000k.
                  • 26. RE: How much memory is mcshield.exe using?
                    System is Windows XP SP3 ; 3GB RAM
                    Using VSE 8.5i ( P-6

                    mcshield :-null 41 884 K
                    mctray.exe :-null 2 544 K
                    FrameWork.exe :-null 12 045 K

                    and one process suddenly appears

                    mcscript_in_use.exe :-null 5 300 K
                    • 27. RE: How much memory is mcshield.exe using?
                      My apologies if I'm ressurecting a dead topic, but this has become a source of a great deal of inconvenience and annoyance for me.

                      We're using 8.5i Enterprise (Scan Engine Version 5300.2777, DAT version 5448.00). The machine I'm using is a Core 2 Duo Lenovo T61 2GHz with 3GB of RAM.

                      Mcshield.exe starts by shooting straight up to 99MB of Mem Usage; after that the longer the machine is running the more memory mcshield.exe will take.

                      When I restarted the computer this afternoon mcshield.exe had a listed Mem Usage of 932,000 K - nearly 1GB. In addition it will cause various applications to grind to a halt while running scans in the background.

                      My best two guesses are that mcshield is scanning every file and archive in projects as I work on them (I do a lot of java programming in my job) - or that the system has been horribly mis-configured.

                      The problem is that I have very little control over the system so no real way to troubleshoot what it is doing. I would be very appreciative of any suggestions on how to get McAfee to stop sucking up all of the resources on my machine.

                      At the moment I'm leaning toward installing Linux so I can work without McAfee getting in the way,and running Windows in VMWare so I can get my email and appointments... :)

                      Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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                        We're also having the problem on several machines, and have been for several months.

                        XP Pro SP3
                        VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5.0i
                        Scan engine 5300.2777
                        DAT version 5513.0000
                        Installed Patches: 7

                        My memory utilization for mcshield.exe was up over 100,000KB earlier today, now it's gone down to 90,000KB.

                        This is happening with several computers, some days it's more acceptable at 38,000KB and others, it's not.
                        • 29. same
                          We are on engine 5300.2777 running on XP sp3. I't very common to for me to see just over 100 mb of ram usage by mcshield.exe on our network clients. (I'm actually sitting at 113mb right now on my laptop)

                          I tried turning off some the the protection features but that didn't seem to affect the memory usage at all.

                          The memory usage actually seems to increase over time. Not sure if thats due to a memory leak or what.