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    McAfee VirusScan for Storage 1.0 rejects scans with error 0x14




      we are using VSE for storage 1.0 on our NetApp storage. We get a lot of "scan 0x14 errors" with hanging VSE service. We found the following KB articel which discribes this problem:


      "KB ID: 2013486 Version: 2.0 Published date: 03/21/2011



      This scenario can also occur when a vscan server does not have enough threads to scan files.

      The Filer messages log contains the following entries:


      1. First, rejected scans are shown:

      Wed Mar 4 19:14:40 GMT [vscan.server.requestRejected:error]: CIFS: Scan request of ONTAP_ADMIN$\vol\vfiler1\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\89ABCDEF\DELTA[2].INI by vscan server \\<VSCAN_SERVER> was rejected with error [0x14].


      2. Followed by the vscan server dropping the file:

      Wed Mar 4 19:14:43 GMT [smbrpc.exceptionCaught:error]: CIFSRPC: An RPC exception with a server of type vscan server occurred.

      Wed Mar 4 19:14:43 GMT [vscan.server.requestError:error]: CIFS: Attempt to make a scan request to vscan server \\<VSCAN_SERVER> failed with error [0xc002001b] (RPC_NT_CALL_FAILED).

      Wed Mar 4 19:14:43 GMT [cifs.server.infoMsg:info]: CIFS: Warning for server \\<VSCAN_SERVER>: Connection terminated.

      Wed Mar 4 19:14:43 GMT [vscan.dropped.connection:warning]: CIFS: Virus scan server \\<VSCAN_SERVER> ( has disconnected from the filer.


      3. Then the the vscan server re-registers with the filer:

      Wed Mar 4 19:14:45 GMT [vscan.server.connecting.successful:info]: CIFS: Vscan server \\<VSCAN_SERVER> registered with the filer successfully.


      4. This cycle continues to repeat in the messages logs until the vscanner thread count is increased or the scan completes.



      The number of threads on the vscan server have been unable to serve all incoming requests for virus scanning.



      Increase the number of threads on the vscan server to (50* number of filers to register with)..."


      But I don't know how to increase the numbers of threads? Who can help regarding this setting?


      Thanks and best regards