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    Security for Mac 9.1 (1.1) support for Lion 10.7.2


      I've been testing some Lion machines with the latest version of Security 1.1 build 1309 with agent


      It has succesfully installed on the 3x Lion 10.7.1 Macs we have.


      However  after installing on a 10.7.2 Mac, it won't install and also if we upgrade one of the working 10.7.1 Macs to 10.7.2 (to solve a domain-binding issue) it breaks it and doen't say its installed in ePO.


      I understand that 10.7.2. is pre-release but is it supposed to work with this version?


      if not, when is it supposed to work- is there a patch due to be released?


      I attach the log file - they both have the error:


      2011-09-22 13:00:15 [152] [SAProtocol] [I] Service not available, 9

      2011-09-22 13:00:15 [152]    [Plugin]  [E] VSCANMAC9100 products manageability operation failed for the IsSoftwareInstalled function

      2011-09-22 13:00:15 [152]    [Plugin]  [E] VSCANMAC9100 Software is not installed



      2011-09-22 12:50:32 [126]  [Management]  [I] None of the policies exists for the software Id VSCANMAC9100


      But they get the same policies as the 10.7.1?