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    How to repair win7 data when encryption is in?



      Got a bad problem, after Mcafee update and reboot my Win 7 pc would not start up, tried to do a repair but it cant find any filesystem.


      So helpdesk say reinstall it, well problem is my backup is corrupt and I would like to retrive some pics and mails on it before rebuild it.



      And I could have added DVD and try to do repair BUT encryption is in the way then.


      So Q, how can I start an repair install after logged on to encryption or is it possible to remove encryption even when out of filesystem?

      I have ofcourse valid encrytion and pwd token.


      However when logging on and go repair, and dos prompt, trying to start win 7 dvd in it says subsys needed to support image not present?



      Anyone have any idea how to retrive that data?

      Or am I smoked?


      It is an HP laptop pretty new running win7