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    Virus Scan Auto Update not working

      For several months now auto update has not worked on my computer.

      It worked fine for years prior to this.

      I'm running an older Dell Dimention computer with Win XP SP3 on a shared DSL line.

      Auto update tries to check and download but  sits with the rotating logo for quite some time before it announces that it failed to update.

      I am tired of having to manually  download the xdat.exe files twice a day and running them.

      I've been a McAfee user for as long as I can remember and my current account shows continuous use for 6 years.

      I'm now getting reminders to renew my subscription and I'm currently dis-inclined to renew as long as this problem is unresolved.

      I've spent hours interacting with the people in WESTPAC about this.

      The McAfee Virtual Technician is no help.

      Deleting all McAfee programs and reinstalling them was no help.

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          Hi bigalmac,


          Kindly let us know if you switched to a different internet connection recently ?

          Do you have any other security software installed on the PC?

          How is the computer connected to internet ?? (dsl/Wireless/Cable)




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            1. Yes, I moved in with my daughter and shifted from my DSL ISP to hers. This occurred the first week of June 2011.

            2. I've checked the Windows Task Manager and as far as I can tell I have no other security software running other than the McAfee Total Protection suite of programs.

            3. My machine is directly connected to a wireless network DSL modem and from there to the phone line.

            My daughter uses a wireless connection to this modem for her computer.


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              Please try the below steps and let us know the outcome ;


              Click on start > click on run and type : drivers

              From the folders open the file that says : etc

              From here : right click on the file: Host and select open with

              Choose Note pad to open the file


              Make sure that last line of the Host file says

              Any additional entries below that could be edited and save the file accordingly.


              Open Internet explorer and click on Tools

              Click on Internet options , then click Connections tab

              Click on LAN connections and make sure the option proxy server is unchecked


              If both of the above is set right , best would be Click on Useful links at the top of this page and select Technical support so that our technicians would remote inn to the affected PC and diagnose the issue

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                1. There is/was NO file in the etc folder named "host"

                2. There is/was a file named "hosts"

                    ALL lines in the "hosts" file were commented out. Including this one:

                # download.mcafee.com

                I added a line with in it to the end of the file.


                3.  I don't understand what this means in your message.

                "Any additional entries below that could be edited and save the file accordingly."

                What are you trying to say?


                4. I hardly ever use Internet Explorer so how does setting options in it help solve my problem?

                  By the way, "proxy server" has never been checked and still isn't.


                5. After changing the "hosts" file I re-booted my machine.

                The auto update problem still exists.