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    Virus scan?

      Good day all,


         Currently I am running a Microsoft safety Scan and it has detected 2 files infected....Every time I log on to my mail account my computer slows down, after a few minutes a window comes up "Data Execution Prevention" for Internet Explorer....What I am having trouble with is understanding why my McaFee Virus prevention protection why it doesn't correct the problem.or find it!?...I have done a few scans in differnt directions Full, Quick, everything I can from McaFee...and nothing is working......as I said I am currently running Microsoft safety scan...for about  3 1/2 hours now with approx. 85% of my system scanned.....and it has detected 2 file infected.....I would accept anyone willing to help me out here!



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          Hi Helicopterbentblade & welcome to the McAfee Community Forums!






               The unfortunate reality is that no single antivirus program will catch every single piece of malware floating around the Internet these days.

          Do you have any other security software (such as, an anti-malware program) on your computer besides the McAfee & Microsoft?




          If not, I would suggest you download and install an anti-malware program like Malwarebytes (MBAM for short).  Once installed, go ahead and UPDATE the program's database first, then run a full scan with it.  MBAM has both a free and paid version.  I would recommend you just download and install the FREE version at this time.  The software can be downloaded from here:  http://malwarebytes.org.






          Depending on how many files you have on your system, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete.  If the program finds anything suspicious, it will quarantine it.  When the scan has finished, MBAM will open a text report on your screen showing the scan results.  You can click on the [QUARANTINE] tab at the top of the user interface, and see a list of the specific items that were discovered.




          You can delete them at any time.  If MBAM generates a message that it needs to restart your computer to complete the removal process, please allow it to do so - very important!





          There are other anti-malware programs (both free and paid versions) available, such as, SuperAntispyware too.  Please post back and let us know what the results were or if you need additional help.  There are plenty of experienced forum members here to help you out!


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            Thank you for the help!.....It seem to have had a few trojans...and malware items on it...also missing a few micro soft updates....so far so good! was a tuff couple of days thought.

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              Greetings again!


                   Good to hear you were able to resolve the problems with your computer.  At this point, just ensure that you always have the latest updates for both Microsoft, as well as, your antivirus and any other security software.  I would also recommend you run at least a quick scan with Malwarebytes (or whatever other antimalware program you may have downloaded), on a daily basis at least. 


              One additional note here for future reference.  If at some later time, you are inclined to install one of the antimalware programs which uses real-time scanning, just remember to set the necessary exclusions in both your antivirus and antimalware programs to prevent any conflicts.


              Best regards!