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    Event ID 1038



      i have sevaral system which show the event id 1038.

      what is the event for one? i can not find this info.

      a virus was found? or a file / cookie was deleted?

      where can i find this info?

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          Dear a358634,


          the event id 1038 indicates that the scan found the infection and the result is none(if the infected file is in use or it may be in the location system 32 AV doesnt take action ) for that kindly create a schedule scan task and perform the scan .else the infected file may be detected and it may require reboot kindly check the registry value for pending file rename operation path=HKLM/SYSTEM/CURRENT CONTROL SET/CONTROL/SESION MANAGER if u if u find any files kindly reboot the machine else the infected file may be in encrypted file (zipped folder)


          Pls find the link for complete event id's list




          Thanks and Regards


          Lakshmanan S