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    Agent Handler Problems


      I have about 6 domains managed by one master ePO server, each of the domains has an Agent Handler and within ePO console I have assignment rules that say all computers in System Tree, My Organization\Domain 1 will use Domain 1's Agent Handler and the primary master ePO server as the secondary one and this is repeated for each domain.


      The problem I have is that computers from different domains are appearing as managed by other domains Agent Handlers, for example if I look at the Agent Handler for Domain 3 I can see that it has a handful of computers from Domain 2.


      What is the reason for this cross domain management and how can I ensure that computers in a domain only appear in the correct Agent Handler?






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          Is it possible that these machines did actually move across domains at any point (Travelling laptops for example ?).

          Have a look at the local sitelist.xml some of these machines, as this eventually defines which AH a client will actually be talking to.


          It''ll be towards the end, lsited as an 'SpipeSite'.


          As to the reason, that may require a lot more analysis, it might be better to open a support case to have it investigated.





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            Thanks for the reply Rob. They are fixed servers in each domain so they shouldn't have moved domains.


            I'll have a look at the sitelist.xml file and compare between a rogue server and a working server and look at what AH is listed.





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              Dear StefanT,


              It may happen wen the AH is unable talk to ePO server or else the AH is unable to send and collect the properties from ePO servers.


              if still the problem exist kindly recreate the FramePkg.exe with exact sitelist.XML.hopefully after tat the AH will be able to collect and send the properties successfully from the ePO server


              Best Regards


              Lakshmanan S