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      We have meet the problem about the " The latest available version was not update automaticly ",Everyday  I check the epo,the latest available version was not update and display the red fronts.Also after I reboot the three epo releate service,it display normally.So woudly you please give me the answer in this case? Thanks!


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          Dear  David.wang666,


          Kindly check the server task log result why scheduled update is not happening it may happen for following reason.


          1)wen Global update is enabled and the task is in progress for quite logn time period-if it is kindly disable global update

          2)creating too many sheduled update policies and it may lead the result aborting the update process

          3)ePO server patch is too old -if its kindly update the latest patch and purge all the events.



          Note: before rebooting ur ePO server kindly check the server task log for "in progress" task i will suspect that previous tasks may running for quite long time if u reboot the server all the tasks will terminate automatically


          Thanks & Regards


          Lakshmanan S

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            Hi David,


            If you are referring to the "MyAvert threat advisory" dashboard, please check the EpoApSvr.log in the c:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\db\Logs directory.


            Most likely the port  is being blocked by your firewall or proxy.


            Please see this post for more info:





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              Thanks !  I will do it follow your advices.

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                the port 8801 to access is ok.