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    Brown-Bag #10 re-recording?

      During BrownBag #11 (which I watched/listened to today), Brian Robison said he was going to re-record BrownBag #10, as there were technical difficulties with the original recording.  Will BB #10, the remake, be available soon?  (I hope!)



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          Was this ever re-recorded?


          I haven't seen any further brown-bag sessions; I really liked them.  Is Brian Robison no longer with McAfee?



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            Hi J.


            Brian left McAfee a while back, and we had an interim PM.  Our shiny new PM (Darren Thomas)  came onboard at the beginning of April.


            I will drop him a note about this community and ask that he make himself known.


            So, to answer your question... no, it was not  re-recorded, or if it was, it's likely lost.


            Sorry about that!