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    Endpoint Encryption Recovery

      I am wondering if someone can clairfy the following recovery types in EEPC 6.1:


      Machine Recovery - what does this do?


      User Recovery

           Unlock Disabled User -this one is pretty self explainatory, it unlocks a disabled account

           Reset Token - ?

           Reset to Password Token  - ?


      What the difference between resetting a token and resetting a password token?


      Thanks a bunch!

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          "Reset token" mean set default password for possword token or default pin for smartcard.

          "Reset to Password Token" mean change smart card autorzation to password autorization, for examlpe if smart card was lost.

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            I am not using hardware tokens so I guess I should never need to use "Reset to Password Token".

            So I guess  "reset token" is what I would use to reset a forgotten password.


            Any idea what Machine Recovery is?

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              reset to password token will actually recreate a token, so if you for example invalidate your account through too many incorrect attempts, this option will create a fresh new password token for you. It also will clear things like the password history - again sometimes useful.


              machine recovery lets you boot the machine, so you'd use that if for example you removed all the users from the machine, or did not want to login with one of the existing users (perhaps you're an admin who does not have a local account?)

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                Sorry, it is still not clear to me what the difference is between Reset Token & Reset to Password Token?

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                  reset token resets whatever token the user has - perhaps it's a smart card, a biometric stick, a usb key, or maybe even a password.


                  reset to password token changes whatever token the user has to a password - so if they forgot their smart card at home, this option switches them to just needing a password instead.