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    Virusscan Enterprise 8.5.0i versus Total protection

      My ICT department is planning to upgrade from Virusscan Enterprise 8.5.0i to Mcafee total protection for enterprise. My understanding is that Virusscan Enterprise covers all the threats. Can some one help me to unravel this web:(. I'm looking for a document or paper that explains the difference between these two products.
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          As far as I know licensing the Total Protection Suite covers Virusscan, Host Intrusion Prevention and many other McAfee products. Bt nothing that what substitue Virusscan.
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            Total Protection includes VirusScan Enterprise. Here is a list of products that "Total Protection for the Enterprise - Advanced" contains (as of Dec. 07):

            Desktops: VirusScan Enterprise, VirusScan Command Line for DOS & Unix, Anti-Spyware Enterprise, Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktops. Servers: VirusScan Enterprise, NetShield for NetWare, SiteAdvisor Enterprise. Groupware: GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange & Lotus Domino, Spam killer for Mail servers. Gateways: WebShield SMTP. Management: ePolicy Orchestrator, McAfee Policy Enforcer. Designed for medium to large companies that require comprehensive system protection and network control.

            So, moving to Total Protection means nothing will change with your current VirusScan Enterprise product, but you will have access to quite a few new products. We were wanting to purchase Policy Enforcer (now called Network Access Control) and found that upgrading from the "Anti-Virus Defense" package to "Total Protection for the Enterprise - Advanced" was the best value.

            It may help you to reference KB 615320 for McAfee's latest round of name changes.