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    VirusScan 8.5i Patch 6.1 ReadMe

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      Release Notes for VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i Patch 6.1 (Readme.txt)


      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i
      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i Patch 6
      Microsoft Windows (all supported versions, see 613414)


      Release Notes for McAfee(R) VirusScan(R) Enterprise Version 8.5i Patch 6.1
      Copyright (C) 2008 McAfee, Inc.
      All Rights Reserved


      Patch Release: July 16 2008

      This release was developed and tested with:

      - VirusScan Enterprise:8.5i
      - DAT Version: 5288, May 5 2008
      - Engine Version: 5.2.00

      Make sure you have installed these versions, or
      later, before using this release.


      Thank you for using VirusScan(R) Enterprise
      software. This file contains important information
      regarding this release. We strongly recommend that
      you read the entire document.

      The attached files are provided as is, and with no
      warranty either expressed or implied as to their
      suitability for any particular use or purpose.
      McAfee, Inc. assumes no liability for damages
      incurred either directly or indirectly as a result
      of the use of these files, including but not limited
      to the loss or damage of data or systems, loss of
      business or revenue, or incidental damages arising
      from their use. You are responsible for reading and
      following all instructions for preparation,
      configuration, and installation of Patch files.
      Patch files are not a substitute or replacement for
      product Service Packs which may be released by
      McAfee, Inc. It is a violation of your software
      license agreement to distribute or share these files
      with any other person or entity without written
      permission from McAfee, Inc. Further, posting of
      McAfee Patch files to publicly available Internet
      sites is prohibited. McAfee, Inc. reserves the right
      to refuse distribution of Patch files to any company
      or person guilty of unlawful distribution of McAfee
      software products. Questions or issues with McAfee
      Patch files should be directed to McAfee Technical


      - About This Release
      - Purpose
      - Patch 6.1 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 6 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 5 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 4 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 3 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 2 Resolved Issues
      - Patch 1 Resolved Issues
      - Known Issues
      - Files Included With This Release
      - Installation
      - Installation Requirements
      - Installation Steps
      - Installation Steps via ePolicy Orchestrator
      - HotFix/Patch Reporting
      - Verifying the Installation
      - Removing the Patch
      - Contact Information
      - Copyright & Trademark Attributions
      - License Information



      This release contains updated binaries in a single
      Microsoft Patch installer to address all items
      listed in "Resolved Issues" below.

      For the most update-to-date copy of this Readme
      information, refer to McAfee Support KnowledgeBase
      article 616311.

      Patch 6 is a High Priority release. See McAfee
      Support KnowledgeBase article 614038 for information
      on ratings.


      1. The on-demand scanner has been updated to better
      use the System Utilization setting throughout
      the entire scanning process.

      Refer to McAfee Support Knowledgebase article
      9197288 for further information.

      2. This Patch contains a new Buffer Overflow and
      Access Protection DAT (version 378) which adds
      an Access Protection category for Virtual
      Machine Protection. These rules provide access
      protection functionality for virtual machines.

      In order to manage the new Virtual Machine
      Protection category with ePolicy Orchestrator
      3.x or Protection Pilot, you will need to use
      the latest NAP file, included in this Patch
      package, or VirusScan 8.5i Repost Patch 5.

      For ePolicy Orchestrator 4.x users, the
      Extension update also contains the updated rule
      file. The updated Extension package is available
      on the web product download area under the
      Patches category.


      The resolved issues are divided into subsections per
      patch, showing when each fix was added to the


      1. ISSUE:
      An issue can occur when the 5300 engine is
      installed prior to installing VirusScan 8.5i
      Patch 6. The scanner engine files are partially
      overwritten with the previous 5200 version that
      is stored in the MSI cache. This mismatch
      causes the scanner engine to fail to

      The Patch installation package has been updated
      to correct this issue, and does not overwrite
      the engine files.