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    'Other Devices' in DLP 9.1 Definitions, Sony Ericsson Arc Smart Phone not being blocked


      Hi All,


      I have had DLP in for a few months now and all seems well. However, today I noticed that the new Sony EricssonArc smart phone is not being blocked. This device has 16gb of storage capability for example and I can copy to the device.


      In Device Manager it does not show up as a drive and on the My Computer page it displays as 'Other Devices'.


      I know this user is block from removable storage devices and have successfully tested with a USB pen.


      Now if I look at  my DLP policy under 'Device Classes' I have 'Other Devices' as unmanageable. Is this a coincidence that they are both called 'Other Devices' or is this relevant ?


      If this isn't the problem, what class could this come under ? Is this a class problem ?