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    Using coaching for blocked downloads, for example corrupted archives


      we currently have a rule in our MWG7 ( that denies the download of files which cannot be inspected, like corrupted archives.

      Now I would like to allow the user to download the file anyways after he acknowleges that there might be malware in it.

      So I tried to use coaching for that, so I made a rule to block if Body.IsCorruptedObject equals true and added a button with $Quota.AuthorizedOverride.JS.ActivateSession$ plus a rule for the coaching redirect.


      What happens now is that the message appears as expected and when I click the button I get the redirect. But the rule which should allow the request doesn't trigger.

      It's in the response cycle and should allow the request if Quota.Coaching.SessionExceeded equals false.


      I am out of ideas here. Is coaching supposed to work in cycles other than "request" at all?



      Hope someone can give me a hint.