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    Upgrading DLP v9.0 to v9.1

      Hi All,


      Current Environment: ePO v 4.5(P), DLP v9.0


      Whats the best practice approach to upgrading to DLP v9.1 ?


      Does the WCF Service have to be upgraded first ?





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          1)Backup the HDLp policy

          2) Remove package from  master repo

          3)Upgrade the extension of HDLP 9.1

          4) Remove Management Tools and WCF from add remove program

          5) restart the SQl service , so epo also restarts

          6)Install WCF on the machine

          7) Disable pop up blocker

          8) Login to EPO open DLP , management tools will be installed

          9) Check in the DLp agent package in the master rep.