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    WIN 7 64bit OS- after latest Windows update system freezes !!

      There seems to be contention between McAfee and the latest set of Windows updates that were automatically applied to my machine. If I load McAfee into memory at startup, and then try to access any programs (web browser, Outlook, Etc...) I get the (not responding) msg...With task manager running I am noticing that the CPU utilization is at 0% Everything just stops working...


      If I unistall McAfee and run the cleanup tool, the system runs just fine. I have reinstalled McAfee to see if this would correct the issue, no such luck. The McAfee support person I spoke with WAS CLUELESS !


      I also spoke with MSFT and they told me that there is a known issue w/ McAfee and Windows Security Updates. ???


      I have a full subscriptoin to McAfee and can't use it at this time. Not sure what to try next. Any help would be much appreciated !!


      WIN 7 PRO SP1

      64 Bit

      8 Gig Ram


      Thanks !