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    Recover password not being requested


      Hi, I have two machines rinning XP Embedded, SP2.  both have MA, and SC agent 512.8122.  When you open the SC CLI and run the command sadmin recover, you are not asked for a password.  Just the message that the local CLI is enabled.


      Any ideas ?.



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          SC CLI password is set when Solidcore Agent connect to MA. Please check Solidcore Agent status if it is connected to McAfee Agent. Also check if user is configured as an updater.

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            Rakesh Vyas

            Hello Chris,


            Whenever system is in update mode or the program using which local cli is recovered is an updater then the local CLI password is not prompted.


            Kindly check if the system is in update mode or cmd.exe or any other program running is marked as an updater process.



            Rakesh Vyas

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              Hello Chris,


              I'm working on a project that involves ThinClient with Solidcore (Solidified) and I ran into the same problem.



              1.) Update the agent to 512.8144

              2.) Make sure you have the EWF Filter Disabled so you can commit changes

              3.) Run the following commands "sadmin recover" and then "sadmin updaters flush"

              4.) Commit Changes

              5.) Reboot the system

              6.) Enforce Policy Updates so it can receive the CLI Password in your policy

              7.) Test the recovery process

              8.) Commit Changes



              I hope this helps.



              Freddie Lopez


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