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    Real Time scanning wont stay on, and MVT wont open

      Title basically says it.

      Im a college student so my life is based on being able to use my computer, lol. That being said im not the most computer literate. I got on my computer this morning and noticed a notification saying my real time scanning was off. THinking i accidentaly turned if off, i went into security center and turned it back on. Almost instantly it turned off again.

      I play games online, and thinking that was the problem I downloaded malwarebytes to see if it could get rid of the problem. After the scan It still wouldnt work so i decided to see if google could give me answers. The first i see is use MVT. Ok easy enough. I tried it on 3 different browsers . Google Chrome Mozilla firefox and internet explorer and IT wouldnt open on any of them. I just got a window with a gray box in it. 

      The next thing i read was to get rid of all other antivirus maleware software so i got rid of malware bytes and restarted my computer. Still didnt work.

      Then i found a bunch of posts on here and followed a couple of them. Still doesnt work.


      I really dont know what I should do now. so I was hoping someone could help me out.

      I have a Dell studio XPS i7

      not sure what other info i should put so

      Mcafee security Center

      Version: 11.0

      Build: 11.0586

      Affld: 105-266

      Lang en-us

      Last update 9/18/2011


      Virus scan

      Version 14.5

      build: 14.5.130

      Dat Version 6473

      Engine Version 5400.1158


      Thanks for all the help