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    Antivirus Plus Activation not working



      I have installed McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011. The installation was successful. But it fails when trying to activate the product.

      I have purchased the product from a retail shop.

      The following is the error message in the attached screenshot...

      Can you help..?

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          Peter M

          Some questions please....


          1.  What is your operating system and service pack and is it up to date with both critical and non-critical updates?


          2. What is your default browser and what version of Internet Explorer is installed (open > Help > About)?


          McAfee relies on an active internet connection so make sure you are connected and as McAfee also uses Internet Explorer to function, regardless of your default browser, open it and assuming it is up to date, go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced

          Click reset, Apply and OK.

          Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable any you need.


          Try again by right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting Verify Subscription.

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            Here are the required details:


            1. OS: Windows Vista home Basic. SP2. Updated to the latest available one (both critical and non-critical)


            2. Default browser is Firefox. (latest)


            3. IE version is: 9.0.8112


            Tried the steps mentioned by you. does not work. I get the following message (screen shot attached):

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              Peter M

              How do you connect to the internet?   Are you behind an institutional firewall (University for example)?  Does any other software have similar problems?


              You could try running the McAfee Virtual Technician.


              Of course it could simply be that the registration servers are temporarily down.







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                I connect to the Internet via BroadBand from home. So, there is no other firewall or institutional firewall present.

                Already tried the virtual technician. says product installed is working correctly. Could not find any problem.

                Having this issue with registration since last two days... quite high downtime, if servers are having issues...

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                  Peter M

                  I agree, it shouldn't be happening.  Just a thought - check your system clock for accuracy both time and time-zone.


                  Otherwise all I can suggest is online Technical Support Chat again and ask for escalation.


                  Link is under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                    Hello All,


                    the problem was solved in the following manner:

                    for McAfee Antivirus plus:

                    1. goto the follwoing site:


                    2. register (create a login)

                    3. put your product key which you received with the CD purchase.

                    4. Goto the 'MyAccount' page.

                    5. here you will see your registered product. Download the installer provided in the link there.

                    6. Save it to your local PC.

                    7. Uninstall the McAfee product existing on your PC which is causing the activation problem.

                    8. Run MCPR tool from Useful Links at the top of this page to clean-up the registry.

                    9. reboot the PC.

                    10. start the installer which was downloaded earlier in step 5, 6.

                    11. this will further download the complete product installation (size depends upon your product, for Antivirus plus it was approx 151 MB.)

                    12. Finish installation.

                    no need for further activation... you can check it.


                    Hope this is helpful to anyone else having this issue.


                    For Internet security, the web link is



                    For Total Protection, the web link is:




                    PS: Thanks to the online chat support provided by McAfee due to which this problem was solved.






                    on 06/12/11 6:28:25 EST PM
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                      Peter M

                      Glad it is OK now.

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                        I'm having the exact same problem with the "activating can't continue" screen.. I have 3 computers licensed om McAfee Total Protection 2011 and bought Total Protection 2012 for an addition 2 computers to avoid the lengthy process of contacting tech support to activate a product that should be able to be activated with the product key and one click, I bought the 2012 software thinking that this glitch would have been fixed. You can be sure that next year, when my subscriptions run out,that I won't be using McAfee again. The aggrevation og going to tech support and being advised to use the automated tech advisor and the hour of time online with chat x 5 computers has been an excruciating waste of my time. I'll follow the above steps with this software, but you really need to know that you're losing customers when you make a product so frustrating to activate.