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    Renewal Notice

      I'm having the same problem as https://community.mcafee.com/message/135257.  I was wondering if anybody has a solution?


      Text is



      I have a McAffe Total Protection subscription that is valid until 2011, but recently is displaying that I need to renew it. Why is that?

      I uninstall it and install it again... I repeat this process twice already...it worked for couple minutes and again display the message "renew subscription"

      I have contacted technical support 3 times, none of the technicians were able to help me with the problem. They asked for some contact information and said they would contact me... does anyone knows how long does it takes to be contacted? Meanwhile I have no protection in my computer "



      Dell Inspiron Lap running windows XP


      Mcafee Securit Centre

      Version 11

      Build 11.0.578

      Affld 105

      Last Update 27/08/2011