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    Malware protection


      I see MalwareBytes recommended many times here.  Is this because it's better suited and has fewer problems and conflicts with McAfee products than other similar tools?  On my old Windows XP PC, which I'm about to dump, I use SpyBot Search & Destroy to manually scan for issues but disabled all the real-time features.  So, which Spyware/Malware product should I use on my new Windows 7 PC running McAfee products?

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          Malwarebytes is designed to supplement your existing security software NOT replace it, and I only recommend using the free version.


          There are some mentioned under the 3rd Party header about half way down this page:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168


          I use Vista SP2 and Windows 7 SP1 and I am using Windows Defender & Malwarebytes free in addition to my McAfee software.


          Also always keep your system totally up to date including any browser (IE) updates, whether you use it or not.


          I hope that is XP SP3.

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            Ex_Brit wrote:


            I hope that is XP SP3.

            No, my new PC is Windows 7 SP1.  I'm dumping my old Windows XP SP2 PC as it has developed Windows software issues and I can't update it to SP3 even after performing various "tricks" advised by Microsoft.  Anyway it's too old and slow to be of any value even if I wasted my time re-installing everything to fix the issues.  The new PC is so much faster.


            I'll take your advice and use Malwarebytes for starters.  I might install SpyBot later but as I've done on my XP system I'll disable all the real-time features, such as Teatimer.

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              It's your choice.  Just don't install/activate the 'Teatimer' feature in Spybot.


              Good luck.