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    Unable to view files after virus removal by VSE 8.5

      Hi There,
      I recently had a USB stick which somehow got infected with a virus. When I poped it into one of the network machines, VSE 8.5.0i detected the virus and removed it from all the infected files.
      What I'm now seeing is that all the cleaned files are not visible but seem to be taking up the same space on my USB as before. The files are even accessible from my recent files list.
      Can I recover these files or are they lost?
      Thnaks for your time,
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          Hi Again,
          Sorry to bump this post but does anyone have any ideas on my problem? If this is the wrong forum for my issue, then let me known where I should move my post.
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            That's a little strange.. If you can "see" and access the files from your "Recent" list, you should be able to save them to your desktop by saving them after you access them.. Or can't you "see" the actual file?.. The "Recent" list is only a "shortcut" to the previously visited file and doesn't mean the file still exists.. On the other hand, if the files were actually "Quarantined", it may be possible to restore them by using the "Quarantine" features in VS 8.5i. ("Quarantine Manager Policy" in the VirusScan Console.) Still, if they were "Quarantined", they probably weren't actually "Cleaned", then were Quarantined because they couldn't be "cleaned' in the traditional meaning of the word. I'm guessing if they were Quarantined and you restore them, then will still be detected as "infected".

            If the files were infected and McAfee cleaned them, they are frequently lost.. Although cleaning does "save" some files occasionally, the infection normally corrupts the file sufficiently to make them unusable.

            Hope this helps.

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              Thanks Grif, I've just decideed to bite the bullet and format the memory stick. B.null